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About Me

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Hello! My name is ALexandrea, I'm the writer of the "She Studies Languages" Blog, Online Language Study Blog. I love to learn about different cultures, and I love to learn languages. I am currently studying Korean.  In my Blog, I like to share what I've learned, as well as any tips I have for other Korean language learners, any resources I use, and any charts I've made to help me in my studies.

As a disclaimer, I am in no way a Korean Language teacher. So I can make mistakes (I definitely will), and I am open to any suggestions or corrections you see I need to make. If you have any questions, or requests, please contact me.

I am an English as a second language (ESL) teacher. I teach people of all ages to speak English. I like to write blogs about English idioms, and post funny memes and photos about the English Language. If you have a question, or a request, please contact me.


I look forward to studying with you!

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