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The benefits of using Flashcards, a Free Online Flashcard Resource, and link to my online Flashcards that I use to study.

Why use Flashcards?

Flashcards are an effective way to self test yourself. The repetition helps you figure out what information you can remember easily and what needs additional effort. From a time management perspective, flashcards allow you to take advantage of short amounts of time that become available throughout the day or week, in addition to during planned study sessions to practice what you have learned. It's important to use the flashcards multiple times. Do not be discouraged the first few times if you forget the answers. The more you practice the more you will memorize the new vocabulary, and concepts.

How to use Flashcards

  • Look at the information on the front of the card, and explain the related information listed on the back without peeking. Try to say the information out loud, and then flip over the flashcard to see if you were correct.

  • If you are correct, move the card to a separate pile. It’s common to get stuck, peek, and tell yourself, “Oh yeah, I knew that.” If you could not remember without looking, you did not know it!

  • Spend more time on cards you did not know the answer to, but don't forget to revisit the ones you know from time to time.

  • Group cards together by themes. Ask yourself how are they related? This is a form of chunking, and helps you to remember a group of things instead of remembering separately.

  • Make connections with the information on the cards. Ask yourself "what else is this information related to? How is this important, and how can I apply it?"


There are many online Flashcard resources that you can use. I personally like to use Quizlet. It's a great website for both teachers and students.

View My Personal Flashcards that I use to help me study Korean.


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