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Sentence Structure

Basic Form
이다(=다)/아니다 (to be/not to be)
Used for dictionaries, narrations, or thoughts in ones head, not used for conversation.

Base Form (positive) - No batchim 받침 - 이다=다 /인가? (ㄴ=가?)

사과이다 = 사과다

It is an apple

사과인가? = 사관가?

Is it an apple?

Base Form (negative) - No batchim 받침 - (가) 아니다 / (가) 아닌가?
사과(가) 아니다

It is not an apple.

사과(가) 아닌가?

Is it not an apple?

Base Form (positive) -With batchim 받침 - 이다 /인가?


It is a watermelon.


Is it a watermelon?

Base Form (negative) - With batchim 받침 - (이) 아니다 / (이) 아닌가?

수박(이) 아니다

It is not a watermelon.

수박(이) 아난가?

Is it not a watermelon?


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